“Our aim is to release the potential in people to achieve breakthrough performance through training, adventure and shared experiences.”

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How can we help you to find your element?

"Finding your passion changes everything" - Sir Ken Robinson

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Creating a “Win Win” with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

What is it?

What does it look like?

Why should we get involved?

Geoff Storey tackles the issue of how organisations are increasingly seeking ways in which to engage their workers in meaningful, team-building activities whilst giving something back to their communities.

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Are your safety procedures fit for purpose?

In the current atmosphere where the actions or pre-actions of providers are subject to ever greater scrutiny, are your procedures for all of your activities fit for purpose?

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Fit for purpose?

The pace of change in modern life and work means that we all have to respond quickly. We think we are responsive in how we work and we think our website is too. 

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Are we losing our creativity?

Creativity in people and teams: the essential component in time of change.

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A New Adventure

What’s new? Our website for one.

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Need a little help?

Re-engaging the disengaged.

What do you do when you have a group of students who are in danger of dropping out?
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